• "CME have delivered a number solar PV systems and energy efficiency projects for the Department for Education as part of the Sustainable Schools Program (SSP) which aims to improve the environmental and economic sustainability schools. CME have consistently provided a high quality install and the solar PV systems are the highest performing systems to date. The projects have also included an online monitoring system which allows teachers and students to access data on solar PV generation and electricity imported and exported from the grid for use as part of lessons."
    Jacob Potter
    South Australia Department for Education
  • Based on the project of upgrading the Greens Lighting which was completed in May 2013, I can personally recommend CME Solutions, to any other Sporting Club, who may be considering the installation of Lighting at their location. When our club first decided to proceed with an upgrade of the pre-existing overhead strung system, we chased Companies to get quotes for the project. The initial quotes tendered, ranged from dear to over the top. On advice from a personal contact in the Local council, we were advised to get further quotes from suggested companies, one of which was CME Solutions, who tendered a quote that was most competitive and comprehensive,  in allowing us to have a much better system that would suit our needs. While the CME Solutions Wayne Mattner, was surveying the project, he was most helpful in explaining the steps we would have to go through to get the project up and running. His recommendations were always well explained and within our budget limits. Suffice to say, CME were the preferred Contractors and were accepted by our Club. During the protracted time of dealing with the requisites of The Port Adelaide Enfield City Council, CME were both patient and helpful on getting our Development Approval through the required Council procedure. When the project started, I was most impressed with the planning and execution by CME, in organising all the other parties that were involved, such as the supplier of the lights and control gear, ETSA Connections, the Trenchless Boring Company, the delivery of all the required articles, all carried out with the least disruption to our club and members.
    Andrew Farmer
    Semaphore Bowling Club Inc.
  • "CME Solutions have been a consistent performer throughout the rollout of the Sustainable Schools Program. Their delivery of high quality PV systems and LED lighting upgrades throughout the schools targeted in the Sustainable Schools Program, has been recognised by senior management. The professionalism of CME Solutions has been working with their projects department a smooth process and their continual communication and quick response rate makes them a pleasure to work with."
    Dane Laing

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